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Fancy Sammy's 3rd Birthday Soiree (That's a fancy word for party.)

Samantha is extremely fond of "Fancy Nancy" books. She wanted a fancy party, just like in the Fancy Nancy stories. Her day was complete with fancy finger foods, lots of accessories, and of course delectable chocolate cupcakes!
She got an easel from Marni and Bobby and has been decorating our house with all of her fancy artwork! Who needs wall decorations when you have an enthusiastic 3 year old willing to paint masterpieces for free=)
Even Abby was in her fancy attire! Never before would she keep a bow in and now she puts everything on her head...floppy hats, headbands, bows, laundry...She is quite hilarious these days and always keeping us on the go. Her favorite trick to date is to climb on the fireplace hearth and leap off the edge. She has her daddy's love for fearless adventure!

Great Gammy and cousins Andrew and Emerson came in town to celebrate!

Monday, July 19, 2010

Meet Me in St. Louis

Daddy was in St. Louis, MO training for work, so we met him there to celebrate Samantha's 3rd birthday and Father's Day with 3 of the Ravensberg daddies...Daddy, Grandpa Bobby, and Uncle Bill.
Our cake...half and half

Grant's Farm shuttle with Great Gamaw and Great Gammy

Bottle feeding the baby goats at Grant's Farm

Pool Party at Great Gamaw's

Abby's poolside party

Slumber Party!

We braved the tornado filled skies and headed "south" to visit Aunt Becky, Uncle Michael and cousin Emerson one stormy June night.

11 Months

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9 Months

Abby loves big sister's kitchen! It is the object that causes every dispute these days. We have entered the stage of sibling rivalry! It's still sweet and pretty cute at this age. Abby puts up a good fight and Sam is trying to figure out how much she can push the envelope!

A Little Late...

But too cute not to post!Cheering on the Colts to the Super Bowl...Emerson might need to give a few pointers on team spirit!

Samantha loves her role as big sister and cousin. Abby is learning from a young age to fend for herself!

Springing into Spring

Tumble Time Gymnastics class
Gearing up for a walk to Carey Road Park

Swimming at the Monon Center

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